Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes. We have two showrooms  for our customers to visit.

Is VAT included in the prices?

Yes. The prices shown on the product are all VAT inclusive.

How do we know if clearance items are in stock?

All clearance items are closely monitored. Orders are always confirmed. When clearance items are sold out,we will contact you by telephone or email.

Can we advise you of wording for our squad awards later?

Yes. Providing you pay for the trophies selected online and inform us that you will submit wording information at a later date (using our contact e-mail system). Please note for this service we must have your instructions no later than 10 days before your order is due to be despatched.

Can Products shown be adapted for any sport or activity?

Resins come as seen. Cups, medals, plaques and holders can be adapted for any sport or activity by applying your choice of 1” or 2” centre where applicable.

Can we have our logo or crest put on the trophy we choose?

In most cases – Yes. We require your logo/crest in a J-peg high resolution format. This can be shown as a 1” or 2” centre. Just email it to us.

Are we limited to how many letters of wording can be applied for each item purchased?

No there is no limit to how many letters you may use. The more letters you use the smaller the font will be.

I operate a business and have no credit or debit card facilities, can I still purchase products from your online site any other way?

Yes. Customers without card facilities can order products by e-mailing us (woodstrophies@talktalk.net) or phoning us on 01274 483 585. We can arrange for an invoice upon your collection, prices and discounts will still apply.

 We hope the above FAQs answer anything you was unsure of, however if the FAQs don't answer your query do not hesitate to contact us.